Day 109: some viking history

Friday, 29 September 2017

Today’s kilometers: 46

Total kilometers: 2882


A strange laziness overcame my feet today. It’s not too bad, yet it is hard to even make a sustainable 4km per hour.

Without really paying much attention I came across several ruins today. I’ve seen lots of then allready and never found ’em to be much interesting. It started to get interesting when I came to vikingcastle Trelleborg. There I had a coffee and charged my batteries while reading and exploring the Museum a bit. It’s is amazing how much efford they put into such settlements.

This short charges aren’t really enough to keep my batteries alive. On the other hand I can’t afford longer breaks if I wanna make 40km a day and not walk in the dark. Als there aren’t enough Caf√©s to spend all my breaks at one of them. Would have been bad for my budget on the other hand. So I might need to stick to one restday per week. Don’t like that I just wanna get through Denmark and Germany as fast as possible.

Another thing I noticed is, since I am on my own, I am a little less suspicious about other people. I do hope it will stay this way even when I am done with this whole trip.