Day 109: some viking history

Friday, 29 September 2017

Today’s kilometers: 46

Total kilometers: 2882


A strange laziness overcame my feet today. It’s not too bad, yet it is hard to even make a sustainable 4km per hour.

Without really paying much attention I came across several ruins today. I’ve seen lots of then allready and never found ’em to be much interesting. It started to get interesting when I came to vikingcastle Trelleborg. There I had a coffee and charged my batteries while reading and exploring the Museum a bit. It’s is amazing how much efford they put into such settlements.

This short charges aren’t really enough to keep my batteries alive. On the other hand I can’t afford longer breaks if I wanna make 40km a day and not walk in the dark. Als there aren’t enough Cafés to spend all my breaks at one of them. Would have been bad for my budget on the other hand. So I might need to stick to one restday per week. Don’t like that I just wanna get through Denmark and Germany as fast as possible.

Another thing I noticed is, since I am on my own, I am a little less suspicious about other people. I do hope it will stay this way even when I am done with this whole trip.

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