Day 112: 3000km

Monday, 2 October 2017 Today’s kilometers: 48 Total kilometers: 3007 Started raining late night. Maybe that’s why I didn’t sleept well this night either. Luckily my raingear really does it’s job. For some reason one of the trekking poles broke. It put it together again and there was enough total length left to use it. About five minutes later it broke again, this time unrepairable. In a town nearby I searched several sport and outdoor shops till I found a pole which cost 35€ per pole. I only got one as I didn’t wanted to have 2 of such a mediocre solution. Wind came up in the afternoon and made it real hard. So another day I didn’t met my goals. Well it’s only one day left till I finish the danish section so that not to bad after all, I guess.