Day 114: storm incoming

Wednesday, 4 October 2017 Today’s kilometers: 49 Total kilometers: 3080 One of the most uncomfortable nights so far. That’s only due to the other people in the dorm. One guy wouldn’t stop trying to talk me in Islam. Another one did everything extremly loud. I didn’t even knew you can be that noisy breathing or organizing your blanket. That all after he came in and left throughout the whole night. Might not even gotten more than 4 hours of sleep. Super annoying when you spend money on a hostel. Weatherforecast only talks about heavy rain and strong winds and it been proofen right. Ain’t much fun walking like this. Haven’t found a good spot to sleep either. Had to stay in small cities park as it was the only roof I could find. Pitching up the tent in this conditions would mean everything will bw soaked before I would be able to get my outer wall ready. Apart from the weather, several forms of neonazi propaganda killing the the fub for me right now. It’s also not as easy to find neat spots for wildcamping as I’ve expected it to be.