GPT, the beginning

Everything happend real quick I got a big project at work for next year so I had to reschedule everything and my timeframe for adventures was set till mid february and affordably flights were limited to New years eve. So I had almost six weeks. Starting 30.12.2017 I made it to Stuttgart where I surprisingly met friends and had a fun evening. It’s been way to late. Not enough sleep but well maybe you find some sleep on the plane… I never really do. But food Was great this time. Everything vegan and tasty. A bit of Netflix and there I was in Atlanta. Where I was kinda disappointed by the taste of the vegan options I had. But well all thoughts where in Chile allready. So next stop Santiago. Damn this time the meal wasn’t even fully vegan. The dressing contained milk. Seriously? Well Santiago airport Was even worse then Atlanta so I had another clifbar and got myself a Starbucks Chai. I do admit I do love Starbucks it’s one of the few major brands I do regulary spend money on. Usually I try to buy rather fair or localy and mostly support small brands. Finally in Puerto Montt I teamed up with KatFood and the next day we head east by bus and started on section 21 northbound.