Rainforests and vulcanos

Today’s the 3nd January 2018, it’s be raining since I arrived in Patagonia today we had to stay in the tent all day to avoid getting all soaked. We thought about walking when rain stopped for like half an hour, luckily we didn’t as afterwards it Rainer heavier then before. So we just watched a few episodes of what I got on my mobile and didn’t watch during the flight. But mostly we talked about everything. It’s simply more entertaining traveling together. During the following day it at least stopped raining and we enjoyed the rainforest with it’s noises and shapes. But the hikes Manuel for the Greater Patagonia Trail was right, this isn’t really for thru-hiking. Even on a good trail we seem to be so much slower than what we are used to. It’s not an issue for us but thru-hikers be warned this really is a bit of a different approach on hiking. Back to the rain of course it got worse. Patagonia tried to stop tease my but didn’t work out I am not in a hurry as long as there is food in my pack. Then there is the ridge of section 20, vulcano Anttilanca. The whole thing is super beautiful but there is a rocky section near the top and there main route was blocked be an extremly steep snowfield. The alternate route is a few meters below north of the rocks. Not really sure if we got that all right but in my experience this was a dangerous walk and climb through loos scree and some bigger rocks. It was just a bit to steep and a bit to slippery. Well we made it. But there was one moment Kat almost fell and I was worried and scared if we would make it. This little Story a side we had the most amazing day with almost to much sun. There where so many lizards, a few rabits and the I might say usual birds. If your pack is light and you now your steps in the mountains don’t miss this one. Once I upload the pictures you will know why.