Fotos from the GPT

Finally I am going to share some fotos from the trip. I simply find myself imcapable of giving a brief section describtion. In my daily notes I was way to personal and did not note much of helpfull trail specifics.

So here is a really short summary for the sections 21 to 9 as we headed northbound. In general the GPT is a challenging trailnetwork. You have plenty of options to climb summits or walk around the whole mountain, to advance a hike or go for a shortcut. So with a bit of backcountry hiking experience you mostly will find a right option for the conditions you find yourself in. Yet I found myself at least 2 times in dangerous situations and it happend a few times that we decided to turn around. Even though you will feel perfectly save and will see sort of a trail be aware, you can’t really on anyone out there for the most time it might take days for others to arrive at your location. So be prepared and carefull at all times.

Another thing was the food aspect. Most of the time the food was rather onesided. Not only for vegans. For some reason there was no such thing as dried tomatos or even concentrated tomatosauces or anything. Most suprisingly we came across severall places where we couldn’t find any fruits or vegetables. I do not know if this was a seasonal issue or a generall one. But be prepared to not even find mashed potato powder and you really have to boil rice for at least half an hour. It isn’t allways bad but it is wise to buy a little extra if you have items you can go without. Maybe sunscreen?

This beeing said it was worth every step and maybe my favourit adventure ever.

And now finally here are 72 fotos for you. (I can send higher resolutions for those who might have use for them).