Gear n stuff

By now I basically go with a whole different set of gear then what I got starting at Nordkapp. I had to learn that weight really is one of the essential featured you would want to check before buying anything and that Ultralight equipment won’t necessarily be expensive.

But I would strongly suggest to go get some other information then what I can give you as I am still going by trial and error.

Yet I am quite happy with what I got now.



  • Tent: Vaude, Hogan SUP 2 Person
  • Backpack: Sierra Designs, Flex Capacitor
  • Hiking poles: Black Diamond, (?)
  • Sleeping pad: Thermarest, Neo Air Xlite ( I also tried the Z lite sol yet I can’t get enough sleep on them)
  • Sleeping bag: Mountain Hardware, Lumina Z Flame



  • Rainjacket: Patagonia, Cloud Ridge Jacket
  • Rainpants: Patagonia, Torrentshell Pants
  • 2nd layer: Patagonia, Nano Puff Jacket (seriously this might be my favourit, warm, breathable, vegan, comfortable)
  • Pants: Grasshopper, (have to check the Model but it was one of the cheapest with some mosquito protection)

I got some quite expensive cloths for hiking yet I got them because of Scandinavia and Germany where I had to endure some heavy rainstorms)



  • Stove: Jetboil
  • Titanium Spoon



  • Powerbank: 10000 to 20000mAh (this realy depends on the trip and if you soley use it for navigaton or also for recharging your phone more often due to music, video filming etc.)
  • Smartphone: Sony Xperia X (got this because it’s cheap with decent GPS and for the price i think it got real good camera)