Trailfood: coconut curry with couscous 

Ingredients: water, coconutoil or milk or fat, curry powder, couscous, soymeat bits or chickpeas.  Add whatever you use for the coconut flavor and the curry powder to your pot Slowly heat it until the curry powder get slightly darker Add water for couscous plus a little extra if you use coconut fat or oil Add... Continue Reading →

Trailfood: tortillarisotto

Ingredients: water, cheese sauce, pairboiled rice, tortilla crumbs or chunks, salt, spice mix if Italian or Mexican style Add pairboiled rice, with some salt and add the amount of water need for the rice plus the amount for instant cheese sauce to your pot. If you got some add coconut fat or olive oil.  Start... Continue Reading →

Trailfood: meal plan

So be aware that this system has been developed with traveling with a friend so you might need only half of it while traveling alone. But everyone has a different appetite and comfortzone coming with it. You need to find your own balance through testing.  In the morning(while still at campsite, shelter or hostel): hot... Continue Reading →

Trailfood: Ingredients 

So here is a list of products we try to get our hands on or prepered before we stared. Everything listed is simply a suggestion feel free to mix and add whatever you like.  -A few tips upfront Make sure it's light and high on calories, vitamins and/or flavor. Try to avoid metal and glas.... Continue Reading →

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